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We are an experienced group of people having vast experience in MR Industry. We are passionate about delivering results to clients to their satisfaction in the competent turnaround time. We value Time and Quality both. Amoghians are ambitious and impatient for success, and yet down-to-earth and approachable. Amoghians not only believe in being passionate about work but also to enjoy the job and having fun along the way without loosing the focus on the job to be delivered.

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Here's What we offer.

Survey Programming.

We offer survey programming services in various platforms such as ConfirmIT, Nebu, Decipher etc. In addiiton to these we work on client proprietory tools as well.

Our team can handle surveys of all varying complexities from low to high complex studies.

Our team has expertise in programming maxdiff exercises, conjoint and segmentation studies in ConfirmIT. We offer 24 hours turnaround for maxdiff, conjoint and segmentation setup.

We have a dedicated team to develop customised flash tools and implementing the same in surveys. Though flash is an animation tool but our experts in Flash team can fetch the data from flash tools and store the same in Survey variables for data analysis purposes.

Data Processing.

We provide tabulation and data processing services. Our team can generate tables as per the client specification using various tools like SPSS, Wincross, Quantum etc.

Our team has vast experience in handling projects with varying complexities for data processing and data tabulation work. The tables generated are generally in Excel format. However we can also generate tables in other format like pdf, ms-word etc.

Verbatim Coding.

Coding the open-ended responses - Unstructured feedback and comments made by people who have been interviewed about their opinions or behaviour is coded into response categories in order to perform a frequency analysis or crosstabs on the data so collected.

We offer the following to you :

  • Brand coding

  • Message / Verbatim coding

  • Code frame preparation


There is a famous saying that an image conveys the message equal to thousand words. An image or pictorial representation of data can convey much more than plain numbers or artihmatic data. For this Charting serves the purpose. We provide charting services for final presentation of data in easy and effective way to the intended audiance.

We create charts as per client templates and requirements.

The Amogh Story

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The birth of Amogh was the result of a vision of our Founder Mr. Harsh Kumar Malhotra. On 1st January 2015 when the whole world was celebrating the advent of New Year 2015, in a small room in Delhi a vision was getting conceptualised and a new company Amogh Solutions was being founded.

A core team was formed with some of the exceptional talent in MR industry who had vast experience in multiple MR technologies. The team was ready to make its first move and raise its first step in MR industry. The team formed was different because vision was different, we just didn't wanted to be a mere money making machine but a team which wanted to make a mark in the Industry by not only serving the clients but the industry and the society as well.

We have not created a big team to boast of our bench strength but rather a team which is small yet dedicated, determined and performance oriented. A team that enjoys programming, analytics, statistics and understand the life cycle of MR. The team was formed with members who's satisfaction lied in delivering Quality results in required turnaround time.

We got our first client on 3rd February 2015 and operations at Amogh kicked off. Within next 10 days i.e. on 13th February, 2015, we got our 2nd major client and the team was in full throttle. From no name in Industry we became a known name in Industry within first year of its existence and since then have been moving ahead keeping all our clients happy and gaining new clients as the company is progressing ahead.


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